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Direction, Illustration and Animation: Stephanie Anjo

Music: Tom Rosenthal

Additional Animation: Alex Smyth, Lily Josephine, Josephine Owen, Megan Willett, Freyja Crisp

Concept Development: Jacob Saul, Mimi Jones

Character Design Input: Izzy Robinson, Emilia Volti

Title Design input: Grace Russell

Additional Design input: Kathrynne Victoria, Eyra R.L Norman

Lights are On


directed and created an animated music video using the song 'Lights Are On' by Tom Rosenthal which he kindly gave me permission to use. The animation explores the topic of grief and loss through a surreal and abstract narrative. 


All aspects of the design were created by me, although I had input from various creative individuals along the way which I collaborated with. (3).gif (1).gif (2).gif
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