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Group Members: Stephanie Anjo, Renato Vidal, Jixing Guo, Virginia Robles, Anna Clarke

Graphic Design: Stephanie Anjo, Pia Kovac

Photography: Renato Vidal, Stephanie Anjo

App design: Stephanie Anjo

The Box Redesign

A hypothetical brand redesign of The Box, a museum in Plymouth.  This was a campaign specifically targeted at students and their wellbeing. The intent being to promote the museum as an antidote to stress. This was a collaborative university project and all aspects of design and photography were created by us


poster 1.png
poster 2.png
poster 3.png

A versatile design that plays on the company name in relation to its immediacy to students, using a visual and minimal approach.

mock up 2.png
Screenshot 2020-05-15 at 10.45.14.png

As part of our campaign, I created an app concept which adapts our design and incorporates mental health resources. 

mock up 4.png
mock up 1.png
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