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Partnership companies: AgeUK, Memory Matters Plymouth, The Moments Café, Manadon Sports Hub

Project: Stephanie Anjo

The Football Café Stories

A multimedia project which explores the topic of dementia

This was a socially engaged project which involved various final outputs and partnerships with local dementia support groups.

One aspect of this was The Football Cafe Stories. This is a 80 page book I have designed and printed which encompasses my conversations with individuals at 'The Football Café', a group held by Memory Matters and Manadon Sports Hub in Plymouth.  Significant memories and their contribution to the individual's present identity were key topics elaborated on. The design choices allude to the nature of the topic. 

front cover mock up.jpg
back page mock up.jpg
pages mock up.jpg

Certain sentences from my conversations resonated with me and I felt inclined to experiment with these further, isolating them from the context in which they were spoken.

typography experiment 4.jpg
typography experiment 3.jpg
typography experiment_.jpg
typography experiment 2.jpg

As part of my project, I also spent time volunteering at AGEUK. I got to know Kath and Margaret who kindly invited me into their home and participated in my documentary. Kath shares her thoughts on looking after her mother full time for 6 years and the sense of absence that has arisen as the dementia has progressed.

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